I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I haven’t been productive at all for the last few days.  I haven’t felt like doing anything positive.  We’re talking sit on the couch all day except to work out, make meals, and go to work.  I’ve been reading mindless stupid crap on the internet, and have just been feeling very unmotivated.  Why?!  I don’t know.  Even my eating has kind of taken a dive.

I weighed myself today and was frustrated with the bouncy number.  Oh well, that one isn’t a huge deal.  But it makes me think ‘why am I counting calories??  It obviously isn’t changing anything!’.  I felt like I wanted to quit counting.  It kind of did change things though.  Then I got lazy again.  I could go on and on and keep whining.  Instead, I will just change it.  I am going to limit my internet time, and instead of doing that I will keep busy around the house.  I will focus more on school with M (we’ve been slacking there too).  I’ll make sure we get out again and go play soccer or attempt baseball, or even just go do sprints.

I’m going to start caring more about my meals.  If you look at my journal, they start out great and then just kind of go downhill.  I’m counting calories, but even those have been creeping up and not where I want it to be.  So I will be more careful today.  And I will quit having pizza 3 times in a week 😆

If I want something different to happen, I have to make it happen.  I choose to change today!


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