Unprocessed Day 93 Dropping the Ball

We are nearing the end of our Unprocessed Challenge – only 7 more days to go!  While  we have pretty much stayed on plan save a few mistakes and cheats (couldn’t give up my dark chocolate 😆 or protein powder), I wish I had done better.  I wanted to make cool things and share them with you.  But I didn’t!  Mostly we have been eating boring food.  Everything tastes great, but it is just basic stuff around here most of the time.  Breakfasts are eggs, fruit, muffins, scones, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit, and lots of smoothies.  Lunches are now salads and leftovers.  Dinners are proteins, sometimes grains, and always veggies simply prepared.  I’m not even making bread all that much anymore!  Part of the boring food is because we want to eat better and lighter, and for us that equates to boring I guess 😆  I am glad we slowed down on the treats though.  Treats should be that – once in a while treats – but we were having them as a compliment to or part of almost every meal.  I feel better now grabbing fruit more instead of treats.

So yeah, I wish I had been more on the ball to share meals and recipes and ideas.  Does anyone else find that the better they eat, the more ‘boring’ it gets?  I have also been thinking of what, if anything, I want to incorporate back into my diet.  The only things I have come up with are The Pie’s Pizza (once in a while!), dried fruit that does have sugar added, and we got these hard candies and gummy bears that definitely aren’t unprocessed, but I think since they use organic cane sugar and don’t use artificial dyes, they are probably an okay substitute for candy that we shouldn’t be buying.  Sometimes a whole wheat cookie just doesn’t cut it.

Anyway, I guess in the future I will try and share more of the stuff we did/do have and recipes and such that we used during the challenge.  I guess I don’t think to share because it has become old hat to me and doesn’t impress me anymore 😆

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