March, gone like that

I feel like March just kind of happened and all of a sudden it is over!  Went by too fast.  But I’m glad 🙂  We have a camping trip planned for each month this spring/summer/fall and I’m antsy for the first one to get here!  Anyway, I guess this is a goal update post so I should do that.  Here were my goals last month.  I failed miserably 🙂

  • Yes, lose another 5 pounds.  Actually I’d be happy to get to my second 5 pounds lost mark (3 pounds away).  But still aiming for 5.  I’m hoping my body is starting to get used to the changes and will start to let go of some weight again.
  • Exercise every day.  I mean every day.  I missed maybe 2 days last month, so I know I can do every single day.  Don’t worry, I’m not going all out every day, even walking counts.  I just want to do something every day.
  • Walk outside every day.  It probably won’t actually happen every day, but as long as I keep the thought in my mind it motivates me to do it most of the time.  It is good for my mind to get outside!!!
  • Knit every day on the afghan, or until it is done.  I have 6 skeins of yarn left and I may or may not use it all.  Surely if I focus I can knit up 6 skeins of yarn in a month.  I just want this thing to be done! :lol:
  • Spin every day.  I finished up a bobbin and now I’m ready to move to a different color which is exciting!  I hope to at least get this color done and one more bobbin filled.
  • Keep up my weights 3 times a week, and add kettlebells in once a week.  I did the kettlebells a little the other day and it didn’t kill me (or hurt me) so I think I will be able to do this without issue.  I have regular pain in my left bicep, but it has actually started to go away with more weight lifting.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do the kettlebells but now I’m hopeful it will be fine.
  • Keep my spending down.  I spent the same amount in January and February and I’d like to do the same this month.  I’m doing really great here, just trying not to spend money on things I don’t need and sticking to my budget.  It feels good!
  • Actually do something on the damn curtains :lol:  Sigh.

The only one I did accomplish was to lose 5 more pounds.  I lost 4.8 but that is close enough for sure.  I also lost another 1.5 inches 🙂  I missed 2 days of exercise in March!  They were scheduled rest days I’m sure but I still could have gone for a walk or something.  Oh well.  I walked outside some, but I just I stopped caring.  Along with the rest of the stuff too.  I did keep up with the weights but decided to just keep up with 2 days of weights.  I felt like 3 was a little too much for me right now.  We also bombed on the spending.  We bought sports gear, signed The Kid up for swimming and soccer, paid for camping reservations, and bought unplanned crafting stuff.  I was still able to cover my half, but spent way too much.

I will do some goals for April but not a big list like this.  In fact I think I can tell you them right now.

  • Lose 5 more pounds.  I barely made it this month but I know I can do it again!
  • Exercise every day.  Walking on my rest days.
  • Keep up with my marathon training.
  • Spend less money than I did in March!

I’m not going to commit to any of the other stuff.  Sometimes when I don’t commit, I somehow find the drive to do things.  So maybe if I just don’t tell myself I have to knit, spin, or sew, I will end up wanting to do it.  We’ll see.

Did you have goals for March?  How did you do?

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