Food & Budget 3.31

We spent about $145 this week, budget is $125.  We shopped at Costco, Harmon’s, Sunflower, and the Co-op.  We made some silly purchases and had to buy some bigger ticket items.  Lara bars were on sale and while we may be able to get them at Costco for cheaper, it is a waste since we don’t like most of the flavors.  We went a little wild though I think.  I have decided to phase out the chicken base and go back to chicken stock, so I bought a few since they were also on sale.  I will make my own too, but it will help to have some in the cupboard.  Anyway, here is what we bought this week:


  • Organic bananas $2.31
  • Bell peppers $2.34
  • Blackberries $3.75
  • Broccoli $1.14
  • Cauliflower $1.40
  • Celery $2.27
  • Cucumbers $2.00
  • Dates $8.49
  • Basil $4.99
  • Lemons $1.00
  • Org. lettuce $1.50
  • Salad blend $2.99
  • Org. baby spinach $3.89


  • Butter $2.50
  • Bacon $2.50
  • Gallon milk $4.99 plus another half gallon $2.49
  • Almonds $9.79
  • Chicken stock $10.00
  • Olive oil $19.99
  • Frozen berries $10.99
  • Chocolate bars $15.00
  • Lara bars $30.00 – they were on sale 😆

I hope to do better this coming week.  We shouldn’t need to really buy much of anything except produce and maybe milk.  I am thinking I would really like to try and run down our pantry to use up some of the lesser used items.  I could be doing better in that regard.  It doesn’t really make sense to keep food around and not use it right?!  The fridge is packed right now too.  I like having the fridge stuffed with veggies, but it is a little ridiculous right now.  We seem to use it up fast though.  For a week or two we kept everything to a minimum and it was really nice.  I guess I have to decide if I want to go shopping more often or not.  I also like to have variety in the fridge, but it isn’t completely necessary I think.  We still aren’t really wasting anything either, just really loading up on the fruits and veggies more than usual.  Which I also like, so I don’t intend to stop doing it 😆  We were at the store 4 times this week already.  Maybe I just need to plan better, or at all 😉

Anyway, we could have done better on the food bill, but the rest of our spending has been up there this month.  We’ve been signing The Kid up for swimming and soccer, and bought a bunch of sports gear too.  She has an aversion to activity, and we are really trying to change it. Hopefully new ‘real’ running shoes will help.  We have spent $500 more than we wanted to this month!  Too much.  I’m going to get serious again and get it back down in April.

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