Not all about the number

I weigh myself every day.  Sometimes I like what I see and other times I don’t 😆  But I try not to let it get to me.  It is just information.  I mean, if I am up and don’t like it, what choice am I going to make?  Am I going to go out and eat a bunch of junk and drink beer?  No, that would be stupid!  Been there, done that, it doesn’t do any good.  That just isn’t how I cope anymore.  Anyway!  The scale is not the end all be all.  It doesn’t decide my fitness level, the way my body looks, how my clothes fit, or how I feel.  So even though I am not moving along as fast as I think that maybe I could, I am making progress in a lot of other ways.

I haven’t measured myself since last month so I don’t know how that is going this month.  But my clothes are definitely fitting better!  I don’t feel like I look as though I’m about to explode out of my clothes anymore 😆  Shirts and jeans are a lot looser.  So much that I decided to try on the jeans I have set aside to be the ones that will fit next.  They don’t quite fit yet, but some are very very close!  We are talking anywhere from 1-3 sizes smaller.  I imagine by the end of my next month of healthy living that I will be fitting into those jeans 😀

Running is getting easier.  Some days the runs are very hard, but I love pushing through and getting it done.  The last few runs have been a breeze, and pretty quick for me too!  I can now do an hour on the elliptical without feeling like I’ve used up every ounce of energy I had.  I even like doing hard intervals on it again.

I am getting stronger, lifting higher weights all of the time.  I try to up my weights every 2-3 workouts.  Even though sometimes I don’t really want to lift, I make myself do it anyway and by the time I am done I feel great.  The drive to make myself do it anyway is a nice thing to have.

All of this to say YAY!  I AM making progress!  Every day that I make the choice to be conscious about what I will eat and do is a huge success.  I didn’t care for so long and didn’t see how I could ever change, or that there would even be a point to changing.  Now I don’t feel that despair.  That is probably the biggest success I could ask for.  I am so happy to be where I am today!

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  1. Nice job… but did you have to nail beer like that? haha! If I dont like the scale, cant I have a light one to help my mood?? 😉

  2. Yay for progress! I’ve also reached a point where daily weighing is nothing more than gathering data. It’s very liberating!


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