Weight Watchers Online Day 4

Down almost another pound today!!  I think it might be safe to say that I really have reached my 10 pound goal.  Normally I bounce around but being down even more today, if I bounce a little I still have a lot of wiggle room!  I think it is great that during the time when I am usually bloated, feeling disgusting, and up in weight automatically by 1-2 pounds, I am down instead.  Maybe it shouldn’t be that big a deal but I am measuring my losses and this is making me feel great 😀

Day 4 was kind of hard.  I wanted to eat more than I could and I was very tempted to just blow it and go for it, but I did not.  I am kind of proud of myself but at the same time annoyed that I have to restrict myself at all 😆  But I do have to, somewhat.  Just no getting around it!  I don’t have time to work out for hours each day, nor the stamina.  So if I would like to start losing a little faster I need to pay attention more to what I eat.  So anyway, I used 35 points again, though not all quality food I guess.  I could have eaten more veggies, and I made some treats (more than I had planned) so I did have some but didn’t have too much.  Here’s what I ate:

  • Breakfast was a smoothie with pumpkin, milk, coconut water, dates, chlorella, and protein powder.  It really needed a banana or something, wasn’t all that pleasant.  I also had a slice of toast with peanut butter and some jam.
  • Lunch was a salad with avocado, and tuna mixed with mayo on the side.  I also had a brownie and half a glass of milk.
  • Dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich and some green beans.

In between meals I tried half of a homemade cashew butter cup I made.  They pack a big point/calorie punch but are made with coconut oil and honey and maple syrup so I don’t think I can really feel guilty about it, not that I would!  I think one is like 5 points though, and they aren’t very big.  Oh well.

So, today I’m really on the side of not tracking points, but trying calories instead.  Although doing this WW thing has been eye-opening for me as far as needing to really focus more on the produce.  I thought I was doing good, but I really could do better.  I guess if I’m not totally committed to the WW ideals or guidelines than it doesn’t really make sense to use it?  I guess the only reason I thought of doing it is because in the past, calorie counting has made me kind of crazy.  It is a pain in the ass sometimes.  That was then, though, and I feel like I’m in a different mindset right now.  Maybe I could do calorie counting, or some kind of exchange plan.

Man, I am wishy-washy aren’t I?!

I guess this whole thing has been a wake-up call.  No I don’t have to deprive myself, but yes I do need to focus on more quality nutrition.  Like less sweets and treats.  Less sugar.  More vegetables and fruit.  Definitely sticking to really trying to eat when I need it, not when I am bored or emotional.  Sometimes I think if I don’t have to be deprived, then I should just have what I want.  Every day.  I don’t think that is how really fit and healthy people eat though.  There is nothing wrong with using some discipline to make better choices more of the time.  And folks, I think I am indeed addicted to sugar, so I need the discipline!  Anyway, I think I’m starting to ramble.  I’m still giving it the full week and will decide then – heard that before?!

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