Food & Budget 3.24

Hey folks it’s that time again 🙂  The budget is supposed to be $125 per week for food groceries.  According to my spreadsheet (which I think may be wrong because it seemed like we spent more money??) we spent $81.93.  No pics but here is what we bought:


  • Avocados $4.99
  • Bananas $1.20
  • Bell peppers $.92
  • Carrots 5 pounds $5.49
  • Mushrooms $1.07
  • Onions $1.38
  • Oranges $1.60
  • Pears $1.23
  • Zucchini $1.00


  • Cheese sampler $11.75
  • Eggs $5.98
  • Mahi Mahi from Costco frozen $24.99
  • Cashews $4.99
  • Olives $5.32
  • Sunflower seeds $3.63
  • Tomato paste $6.39

Hmm, I really thought  we had bought more stuff!  I guess not 😆  We didn’t buy a basket this week, and we went to the co-op market sale and Costco.  I spent more than I wanted at Costco on unplanned stuff but hey, we were out of fish.  We even went to Caputo’s and only bought olives, if you can believe it!  I wasn’t going to buy fruit but it happened anyway.  I guess this week was pretty good!  I do want to amp up my veggie intake so I may start going to the store more often again.  We’ll see.  I hope we can do as well next week, though I doubt it.  I plan on buying a conventional and organic basket on Monday, and we did the rounds today (which goes on the next update).

How about you?  Did you have a good week as far as budget and groceries go?

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