Weight Watchers Online Day 1

Okay, so 1 day of really tightening the reins and tracking is done!  And no, it wasn’t so bad at all.  I did have some anxiety, the kind I get when I think I’m going on another diet.  You might be familiar, you might not (lucky if you aren’t).  But I got over it.  Controlling my intake a little more is just something I have to do if I want to get lighter to get better at running.  There is no shame in that!

I ate over my points since I only was allotted 26, which doesn’t work out to be a whole lot of the kind of food I’ve been eating apparently.  I still managed.  I won’t be doing low-fat anything, ever, so I’ll just have to deal somehow.  The fruit and veg are unlimited so I’ll be eating more of those.  Here is what I had yesterday that put me at 35 points for the day.

  • Breakfast was a pumpkin coconut muffin, half a glass of whole milk, and an orange
  • Snack was an apple, celery, and some homemade almond coconut butter
  • Post workout snack was some protein powder, whole milk, coconut water, and frozen mango made into a smoothie
  • Dinner was a baked yam with butter, kale chips, and a slice of bread with havarti melted under the broiler
  • I snacked on a homemade peanut butter cup after dinner

So I did have to show quite a bit of restraint.  I would have eaten more at every meal I think had I not been counting anything.  Not like tons, but it didn’t seem like enough, which I’m sure was part of the diet anxiety 😆  I would have eaten more for dessert too!  I’ve been having some ice cream for the past few nights but there wasn’t room for any.  I admit that I have been out of control with desserts, so that definitely needs to be cut out for the most part.  Like I said, it wasn’t that bad.  I didn’t starve, I didn’t go crazy, so this might actually be okay for me to do. I will give it the free week and then see what I want to do.  After one day it seems less annoying than calorie counting and a little bit more fun using the tools online.  This isn’t my first time with Weight Watchers, it would be my third I think.  I don’t feel like I would try and twist numbers around like I have done in the past.  And with no alcohol right now, I don’t think staying under points will be a problem at all.

I don’t know what happened the last few days but I am finally starting to see a ‘whoosh’!  I’m about .2 pounds away from another 5 lost, which will be 10 lost since the start of the year.  Not fabulous but still losing!  I hope to see a good loss with a week of strict tracking and sticking to eating less.  Needless to say, my mood is sky high right now!!  I feel like I’m finally getting unstuck again!  And hopeful that I may actually be able to lose more than 2 pounds in a month 😆


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  1. Good luck. Keep up the great work.


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