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Over the last few weeks I have been planning and plotting.  I have yet to foot the bill entirely, but I’m determined to save up and get The Boyfriend and I to the Pacific Northwest this year in October!  This will serve as an early 10 year anniversary trip.  Anyway it just so happens that the Portland Marathon is October 7th, and yes, we are going to run it!!  

I’m so excited and scared at the same time 😆  It is quite a ways away, and I found a training plan from Hal Higdon that should get me there in 30 weeks.  Well 27 weeks.  It starts out simple enough but works up to a good amount of running by month 4.  My only thing is that I’m a little slow and feel heavy, because I am heavy right now.  I would like to actually lose weight before I get to that month 4 so that running will be somewhat easier.  I am losing right now but VERY slowly.  Which most of the time I do not mind, but now I feel more of a sense of urgency.  I need to get lighter and hopefully faster.  I feel like if I had 15-10 pounds gone it would be much easier to run.

This brings me to my next development.  I am going to have to revamp my diet again.  In all honesty I have become quite lax over the last couple of weeks about what I’m doing.  I still do try to eat only when hungry, but seem to have lost a lot of my hunger signals?  I get hungry in the morning and not really at all after that.   So I will wait a long time until lunch and dinner and then eat anyway.   I don’t get stuffed or overfull though, so I guess I need to eat, it’s just that the OMG I’m so hungry part isn’t there.  It’s weird.  And then there are the days when my special time is coming 🙄 and I can just eat and eat all day.  Lots of chocolate and cheese, whatever.  It sucks 😆

So anyway, the easiest thing to do would seem to be counting calories.  But I really don’t know if I want to do that.  Maybe I can just try and do it for a while and if it starts to make me crazy I can reel it back in.  I thought about Weight Watchers online, but I don’t really have that money to spend.  I could probably swing it, but not sure if that is the route I want to take.  I could always try an exchange plan too, though to be honest they seem like a lot of work 😆  And I wouldn’t know where to start as far as allotments.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to look at runners’ diets either.  I really don’t want to ‘go on a diet’ though.  I am done, done, and done with that.  There will be no limiting carbs, no taking away any food I like, and no attempts at starvation! 😆

I suppose if I stuck to those rules then calorie counting wouldn’t be so bad.  Actually I’ve been starting to wonder if I’m so resistant to the counting because I don’t want to see how much I’m eating as of now.  Like I said, I’m losing very slowly so while I’m obviously eating a comfortable amount, it is probably a little excessive.  I don’t want to lose 3 pounds a week (would be great if I did though)  I’d settle for 1 at this point!

Okay I’m just rambling now.  I will think about this, make a decision, and then post it here for accountability.  In the meantime do you have suggestions for me as far as weight loss?  If you’ve lost weight in the past, what worked for you?  What didn’t?  

Edited to add: I checked the Weight Watcher’s website and there was an offer for free online tools for 7 days!  So I signed up and am going to try it for a week.  We’ll see how it goes!

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