March Goals, or February Goals repeated

My goals for March will seem like a bit of a repeat.  Oh well!  It is what I need to do right now.  I’m not moving mountains, but I am feeling really good about what I’m doing and have been able to accomplish, as well as what I have been able to avoid doing.  You have to get healthy to lose weight, and not drinking and eating a bunch of crap food has really helped!  I may only be down 7 pounds right now, but that is better than being up 7!

Here’s what I want to do in March:

  • Yes, lose another 5 pounds.  Actually I’d be happy to get to my second 5 pounds lost mark (3 pounds away).  But still aiming for 5.  I’m hoping my body is starting to get used to the changes and will start to let go of some weight again.
  • Exercise every day.  I mean every day.  I missed maybe 2 days last month, so I know I can do every single day.  Don’t worry, I’m not going all out every day, even walking counts.  I just want to do something every day.
  • Walk outside every day.  It probably won’t actually happen every day, but as long as I keep the thought in my mind it motivates me to do it most of the time.  It is good for my mind to get outside!!!
  • Knit every day on the afghan, or until it is done.  I have 6 skeins of yarn left and I may or may not use it all.  Surely if I focus I can knit up 6 skeins of yarn in a month.  I just want this thing to be done! 😆
  • Spin every day.  I finished up a bobbin and now I’m ready to move to a different color which is exciting!  I hope to at least get this color done and one more bobbin filled.
  • Keep up my weights 3 times a week, and add kettlebells in once a week.  I did the kettlebells a little the other day and it didn’t kill me (or hurt me) so I think I will be able to do this without issue.  I have regular pain in my left bicep, but it has actually started to go away with more weight lifting.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do the kettlebells but now I’m hopeful it will be fine.
  • Keep my spending down.  I spent the same amount in January and February and I’d like to do the same this month.  I’m doing really great here, just trying not to spend money on things I don’t need and sticking to my budget.  It feels good!
  • Actually do something on the damn curtains 😆  Sigh.

Do you have any goals for March?

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  1. I did pretty well with my goals in February, but my weight has decided to stall. Since I think part of the issue is that I’m developing muscle, it’s hard to complain.

    Sounds like you’re doing great, overall!


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