Miles and Miles

I was looking at my training on Daily Mile and I was quite impressed with how much I have improved over the last few months!  I thought I’d share 🙂  These are all of my combined miles – walking, running, and elliptical.

In October and November I did 55 miles each month.

December I did a measly 21.

In January I did 102, and this month I am already at 114!!  I imagine I will be able to add maybe 15 more before the month is over.

Not too shabby, eh?!  Although last July I managed 129!  So I guess I will be close to that once this month is done.

It makes me feel really good.  Like I am making progress.  And you know what?  While it takes effort to make sure it gets done every day, it isn’t really that hard.  I actually feel like something is missing if I don’t work out in a day now.  I like doing it, maybe not all of the time when I am actually doing it 😆 but I know that it makes me feel good.  It’s like they say, after a workout no one says ‘gosh I wish I hadn’t done that!’  I may not be as fast or have as much endurance as I once did, but I am patient and I know that if I keep working at it I will get better.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to run another half marathon this year, I hope?!

I have more fitness and weight loss related stuff to share, but I’ll do that on March 1.

Are you working on any fitness goals?  


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  1. Congratulations!


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