Unprocessed Day 52 – Expert Label Readers

Well we are just over the halfway mark!!  I wish I had some great insights to share, but honestly we are just doing it, not really doing anything amazing, just cooking a lot and trying to eat well.  I have done better this past week with the sugar (evaporated cane juice) consumption, I only made one batch of cookies and we made it last almost a whole week.  I baked muffins on yesterday and another batch of cookies and I won’t bake anything but bread until this coming Sunday.  I made a batch of raw ‘truffles’ that tasted way better than any cookie!!  I will definitely be making those again.  And if I am honest with myself, I am getting a little burned out on cookies and sweets.  If I can just have my chocolate I am sure I will be fine!

One thing we have all gotten really good at is reading labels.  M is the one who reads the labels the most!!  It is pretty easy to tell what we can and can’t buy when it comes to packaged stuff, but reading the labels anyway has been very eye-opening.  I mean, I knew we would have to give up most packaged stuff.  I didn’t realize just how many things have food dye, and not just one color but 5 or more!  I was looking at some hostess snowballs – they are white and brown right?  They have every shade of food dye you can think of in them.  It is just chocolate and marshmallow, why do they need all of those colors?! 😆  Also you’d be surprised at how many ‘healthy’ options aren’t so great either, with weird acids added, soy isolates, hydrolyzed whatnot, and plenty of other ingredients I can’t pronounce.  Okay, I can pronounce them but I sure don’t know where to buy them and stock them in my cupboard.  I just wonder why is so much stuff automatically added, and why don’t we question it more?!  I am a big offender too, just grabbing something because I want it (or used to) and justifying the choice in whatever way to make it okay.  Well it really isn’t okay to be ingesting all of these chemicals and food dyes, and it just makes me mad that manufacturers put it in the products and expect us not to care.  Why can’t sour cream just be sour cream???  Or cottage cheese just be cottage cheese?!  Okay, rant over.  I think after this experience we will all continue our label reading practice and try and continue to make better choices. I hope!

I can’t believe that it has been 52 days without booze!  I don’t even miss it right now.  I’m enjoying having energy and sleeping better, it sure helps me keep up with the workouts I need to make a habit of.  I’m most proud of this, seeing how I was only able to go 30 days last year one time without alcohol.  I’m feeling pretty confident that I can make it the whole rest of the year!

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