Food and Budget 2.18

Not a stellar week as far as the budget goes!  I overspent a lot.  The food items total a whopping $184!!  I did buy a few bulk items which helped spike the total.  We also took a trip to Kitchen Kneads for baking items.  Here is what we spent:

Organic Co-op produce $26.50


  • Asparagus $.94
  • Bell Peppers $1.61
  • Cilantro $.69
  • Dates $8.49
  • Ginger $1.11
  • Asst. herbs $5.18


  • Buttermilk $3.69
  • Cotija cheese $4.99
  • Cream $3.79
  • Milk $6.00
  • Sour Cream $2.69
  • Yogurt (to make my own) $1.59


  • Oat flour $3.51
  • Vital wheat gluten $3.06
  • Barley Malt (for fun) $7.82
  • Balsamic vinegar (Costco) $10.99
  • Cashews $6.10
  • Baker’s chocolate $3.79
  • Shredded Coconut $5.38
  • Chipotle Tabasco $3.79 – I want buffalo pizza lol
  • Peanut butter (online special, this was for 6 jars) $32.55
  • Poppy seeds $6.99
  • Sesame seeds $4.85
  • Canned tomatoes $7.69
  • White vinegar $3.59
  • Walnuts $16.89

I guess I should figure out just how cost effective it is or isn’t to make my own yogurt.  I don’t know if it matters though, since I love the yogurt I make.  We spent quite a bit on dairy – I wouldn’t normally be buying buttermilk but I did want to make some ranch dressing.  Worth it to me 😆  We’ve had plenty of produce, heck we even had some this week left from 2 weeks ago!  The peanut butter I got through Open Sky, there was free shipping and I’ve gotten the peanut butter before and we really liked it.  I don’t normally buy from Open Sky but when something seems like a good deal I will take it.  I don’t like having overspent so much 😦  I will really try to do better this week.  I think it is time to focus more on the pantry and move through some things without buying new for a while.  I’ve planned out all of my prospective grocery items for the weekend already, and I ordered an organic basket from Bountiful Baskets for Saturday.  I hope to keep the grand total under $120 next week!!

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