Utah Organic Co-op 2.17

Well we just got back from picking up our produce from the co-op.  I’m not really sure what to say about this one.  I guess it is good because there are some things that I wouldn’t normally buy, but there isn’t much that I consider staples.  In the basket was this:

Pineapple, a mango, tangelos, oranges, a coconut, clementines, a pummelo I think?, napa cabbage, green leaf lettuce, jicama, mushrooms, I think a daikon radish, a few green onions, a bit of cilantro, limes, a lemon, kiwis, and some brownies.

We will give the brownies away since I am sure there is plain old sugar and white flour most likely in them.  I was disappointed when I felt the kiwis because they were really squishy.  I cut one open and it was mealy inside, they had just gone too far.  So those went in the trash 😦  I’m also not sure what is up with the tidbits of herbs I’ve gotten 😆  I’m not sure I will keep going with this one, I may stop in and shop on Thursdays but this basket was a little too random for me.  We’ll see.

We may do a little more shopping today so I will update tomorrow with a full budget report then.

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  1. The price may be good compared to buying the same items in a store, but if you’re spending money on food you don’t need/want, or wouldn’t buy, then is it worth it? I didn’t renew my CSA this year. Not because the produce wasn’t good, or that the price for what I got wasn’t good – but because we got a lot of things I wouldn’t normally buy, or wouldn’t buy as much of (like a LOT of potatoes, onions, and cabbage). I figured for the same price, I can go buy the things I really want, on the days I want them. I might not get quite as much for the money, but less will go to waste.

    • The biggest bummer is that is wasn’t even worth the money I spent, in my opinion. The price is $26.50 and maybe it adds up with the citrus and pineapple, but like you said it isn’t really worth it, especially since I still have to buy staples that I do use and need. Live and learn!

  2. Mercedes

     /  February 18, 2012

    Each weeks basket theme and items are picked by people on facebook requesting the items,that go in to the basket so as a charity co op we bundle everyone’s money together and buy produce to fill the orders. (we don’t make even a penny of profit for time and effort) When items are shipped in fresh from Hawaii to respond to the mass requests then the money does not go as far as when we buy local. We also have a Utah’s own basket that we offer. Hope this helps explain what’s in baskets and why

    • Mercedes, it does make sense that you will get less for your money to get produce from Hawaii as opposed to more locally sourced. I guess this week was something I wasn’t expecting, and maybe this co-op just isn’t for me. It is a great idea and I am glad that you are making happen. All the best.

  3. Mercedes

     /  February 18, 2012

    FYI … the brownies are vegan and have agave sugar in them
    Next weeks theme is still awaiting suggestions get involved with the baskets produce by suggesting your choices
    Have a great weekend with this weeks them Tropical island

    • So I’m just wondering, the basket I got on Friday (yesterday) was a bit different than the picture you posted on Facebook of today’s, why would it be different? I did get a basket with coconut but I see peppers and tomatoes and 2 kinds of lettuce, I almost wish I had gotten one today instead. Thanks 🙂

      As for the brownies, we are just on an unprocessed diet right now, no white flour and I prefer butter lol

  4. This has really made me more positive in organic produce i will be reading your blog now well done ! 🙂


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