Random Unprocessed Day 45

I woke up today from having dreams of beer, cupcakes, and plenty of other processed and not great foods!  WTF?!  It was actually disturbing upon waking, like when I have dreams that I have been smoking cigarettes.  Yuck.  (I quit for good 7 years ago!)  I am not sure what caused this, since I really have no desire to go back to eating sugar-bomb cupcakes, and since I have haven’t has a drink in 45 days I really am not itching to get back to it.  Weird!

In other news, since fasting for the last 2 days I am already down almost 3 pounds!  I haven’t been full-on fasting, just not eating until 2:00 pm.  Since it was only mildly uncomfortable at times, I am going to continue this pattern until I feel like I need to eat more.  I hit a milestone this morning (under 160!) that I would like to stick, so if the fasting works, I will keep doing it.  I am not a believer in calorie counting anymore since it makes me crazy and is unpleasant in general, so I will do what my body tells me I need to.  I’m not afraid of hunger, it’s not like I am going to die from being hungry for a few hours – its not an emergency!  Honestly once the initial ‘OMG I’m hungry and have to eat now’ from my brain passes, I feel fine and realize that maybe I didn’t need to eat yet.  I kind of just forget about it.  I also like that it gives me a feeling of control, something I need when my eating is getting sloppy or I start to not care so much about trying hard.  Anyway, I’m preaching to the choir here that is myself 😆

Today I’ll be making muffins from discarded sourdough starter that has been in the fridge for about a week.  I also get to make another loaf of whole wheat sourdough, we have been going through a lot more bread lately!  Add in shopping, school, exercise, and cleaning and I’ll have plenty to do today!

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