I am going to whine, complain, ponder what is going on with the weight loss, or lack thereof in my corner of the world.  I found myself getting a little jealous last night when The Boyfriend went to drill another hole in his belt.  He has lost a few pounds since we started this whole real food challenge.  I have too, but about half of what he has.  I know it is silly to be jealous 😆  If I want the same results, I have to work for it!  I guess it is really time to fess up.

I do believe that since we started the challenge, I have been eating even more sugar than ever!  I cannot resist the call of cookies, or sweet breads.  Ugh!  I do think that a little every day would be okay, just a little.  Not 3 or 4 cookies, geez.  So I definitely need to rein in it!  We were having a lot of ice cream for a couple of weeks there too.  I used The Kid’s birthday as an excuse to make a ton, and we didn’t use even half of it for her party, so most of the rest went in my belly.

I am eating too much.

So, I plan to change that today!  I am going to focus more on making my meals balanced, and not snacking too much throughout the day.  That seems to be what I did last month, and that worked.  I lost 5 pounds last month!  This month I have gone no where, in fact I’m back up a couple.  I guess I should go back to what worked and didn’t work.  What didn’t work this month so far is eating a lot of treats.  What did work last month was weekly fasting, coupled with eating what I liked within reason.  Too much sugar is not good.  I am only going to bake one treat per week, and when it is gone, that’s it!  I think I will feel better without so much of the sweet stuff too.

(To be clear, we are using evaporated cane juice, which we consider to be an okay sugar substitute, but that still doesn’t mean I should be going hog wild with it, I know.)

So today I am fasting until this afternoon some time.  I am going to eat as many veggies and fruits as I can in the handful of eating hours I will have today.  I probably will have some of the ‘granola’ cookies I made last night, OR some of the cinnamon raisin bread I also made yesterday, but NOT both!  I thought about planning meals again, but that just takes the joy out of eating for me.  I will just focus on keeping things balanced and using what needs to get used so it doesn’t go to waste.  That is one good thing, the fridge has been packed with veggies and our intake has gone way up since I started the doing the co-ops again.

Hopefully I will be un-stuck soon, and my weight loss journey will get rolling again!



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  1. Great ideas!

    Never say never on the planning thing. When I finally got that working for me, it really worked and I can’t imagine not doing it now. Of course, I don’t always follow the plan to a T, but having it is very helpful.


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