January Food and Budget

I had an epic fail with the posting and implementation of food and budget last month.  The nitty gritty – I wanted to spend less than $500 on food groceries like we did in December.  Didn’t happen!  We spent $616 on food groceries, and that doesn’t include the $212 we spent on the meat CSA that I will pick up tomorrow.  Oh well.  Can’t win them all!  Even though we didn’t stay under what I had wanted, we still did pretty good I think, considering that we did buy the meat and lots of pantry stuff like baking goods and wheat.  I have also worked out a very simple budget and we did end up spending just a little bit over.  The food budget is $250 for me, so $500 for the family.  I also have budgeted $200 for me in other groceries, $400 for the family.  Seems like a lot but that’s what we end up spending.  So we did buy more food but less of the other stuff 😆

In other budget stuff, I really made an effort to spend less than I normally do.  It was actually not too hard!!  One thing that really helped was getting a membership to the children’s museum.  It was about half of the recreation budget money and we have gone enough already to pay for the cost.  It is easy entertainment for The Kid, and we can even take 2 people with us!  Another thing that helped was a focus on going out for a walk.  That is kind of entertainment, and it definitely helped to clear my mind and give me something to do that wasn’t shopping.  Only going to the store once or twice a week is a must.  If I am there, it is like I have to try to spend money and buy stuff we don’t need – crazy!!

Anyway.  I didn’t spend that much money and I have started something like an envelope system.  I will try to only use what is in ‘the envelope’ for all of my budgeted items, and if there is money left over it stays in the envelope for future use.  The goal is to spend as little as possible in the next two years, and any money leftover at the end of the year will go straight to my car loan.  I want to get it paid off in two years or less!  The original loan is for 6 more years, wayyyyy too long 😆  I am very committed to getting this done and I can’t wait for it.  It is totally worth it to me to spend less so that in the not-so-long-long-run I can actually put money in MY bank instead of someone else’s.

So, my budget goals for February are to keep under ALL of my budget amounts, and I really want to come in at $500 or less for the food groceries.  I know it can be done if I really focus and just do it!

This week we have bought $96.93 worth of stuff.  That included a lot of dairy to make a big batch of ice cream for M’s birthday party today.  It also includes an organic basket and conventional basket from Bountiful Baskets.  We will probably have way too much produce, but we have hardly any right now and it is a good thing, I have been slacking a lot on the veggies and fruit lately.

I will be more diligent about posting groceries and money spent next weekend!

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