Food and Budget 1.22

Things are not going well this month 😆  While I have done my best to be a tightwad in all other areas of spending, groceries are all out of whack.  I have made myself just stay away from online circulars.  It seems like I start looking and the seed is planted – I want to go and BUY!  Anyway, our veggies have lasted us well, we still have one drawer full of veggies.  So we haven’t needed to get produce, but we did head out this past weekend to get some pantry staples.  The Boyfriend also felt the need to smoke some brisket, so in the interest of a cheaper price per pound we got a big old hunk of beef.  Good thing we sort of know how to butcher.  We got 3 big briskets out of it.  I will probably end up going for more veggies and dairy within the next few days so I will add another update if/when I do.  Here’s what we’ve bought so far:

  • Raw milk $7.00
  • Chicken $8.38
  • Cane sugar $26.37
  • Assorted cocoa powders $31.34
  • Cornmeal $4.26
  • Coconut $1.75
  • Sorghum flour $5.10
  • Beef brisket $55.65

So that $139.85 without tax, way over what I wanted to spend!  Oh well, the pantry stuff will last us for a long time, and I guess that’s why we charge ourselves for the pantry each week!


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