FO: Margo Hat

I’m trying to get some of the knitted things that have been done for a while posted, rather than letting them go off somewhere and be forgotten.  So you might see somewhat of a Finished Object parade in the next little while…

This one is made from my handspun that I named Margot.  It was spun from a batt that was all kinds of different fiber mixed together for fun.  I loved how the yarn turned out and I love how the hat turned out!  You can wear it right side and inside out, whatever you are feeling like.  It was a very quick knit, being done on size 13 needles, it probably took me an hour total!  Gotta love that.  I wore it the other day when I was out and about and it made me feel all cozy and warm, and a little artsy fartsy 🙂

  • Pattern – just a basic hat
  • Yarn – Handspun Margot
  • Needles – US Size 13
  • Time to Knit – An hour or two
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  1. That came out great! Perfect use for the yarn.


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