Rolling Along

Well we have completed 7 days of our unprocessed challenge!  So far things have been going really well.  It seems like I have been cooking more than usual, just a little.  I need to keep myself occupied anyway!  I have almost used up the last of the banana and pumpkin bread that was in the freezer.  I had A LOT of banana bread!  These are definitely an example of a cheat, as they have white sugar and flour in them.  Oh well, like I said they are almost gone.  Some interesting eats we have had this week:

  • My first beef stew ever – too bad the pan got some burned on stuff during the meat browning and I didn’t realize lol  It was still edible.
  • 100% whole grain tortillas made from scratch!!  I will make them again and share the recipe.
  • Blackberry cobbler with whole wheat biscuits.  It was really good, though different with the whole wheat.
  • Whole wheat spaghetti with ‘squash sauce’.  I pureed roasted butternut and made a sauce with it.
  • Whole wheat molasses cinnamon cookies with orange zest.  These were awesome.

I’ve also been eating a lot more salad, veggies, and fruit which is great!  I’m trying to move through our home-canned goods, so instead of buying fruit at the store I am using up the peaches and applesauce we have.  Nobody is complaining (yet) so I think things are going really well.

In other stuff, I have been making sure I get outside for a walk for the past few days.  It is my goal to go outside and walk every day, doesn’t matter how long, but I just want/need to do it.  I even talked M into going with me the a couple of days!  I did miss yesterday, got too busy.  I have also been tracking my food intake, just writing down in my journal.  I have only been having 3 meals and a couple of snacks each day, so I think that is good.  I don’t want to count calories or carbs or points or anything like that, but writing it down doesn’t seem too obnoxious.

I have also been making an effort to stop using the internet so much throughout the day.  It really helps me to focus more on school work and helping M out (DUH!).  It is hard, but things are really better for it.  I have been knitting every day, and making myself spin every day too.  If I don’t reach my goals in those departments I will still have made a good effort!

I am going to get back to my budget posts, I got sidetracked but I am ready to get at it again.  I have still been tracking it and we have been doing really well.  Last month we spent just over $500 on food!

I guess that’s enough rambling for now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I’d like to get out every day for walking, too. On the days I go to work, I walk for about an hour at lunch. But it’s hard to motivate myself on days I’m home. If I could get my husband to come with me, it wouldn’t be a problem – it’s just hard to do alone.

    Writing down what you eat is a good idea – it makes you more aware of what you’re eating, and maybe less likely to snack.

    • I definitely have been doing less snacking. Writing it down makes me feel like I’m more in control now too.


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