Unprocessed Day 5 – The Challenge of Samples

I will admit it.  We have become kind of addicted to samples.  Mostly the kid, M, but I admit to eyeing the tables at Costco and tasting crap that I would most likely never buy 😆  I have to say though, we are not the Vulture Samplers!  You know, those people who start or wait in a line, ready to rumble with anyone to defend their turn for a little cup of greek yogurt!  Seriously?  Anyway.

We knew this was going to be a challenge as somehow we find ourselves at Costco a few times every week.  We eat lots of eggs 😉  M didn’t even want to go on once she found out there wouldn’t be much of anything for the taking anymore 😆  Ah well.

Yesterday we went to The Store where they also usually have a sample of their tortilla chips and salsa.  Out.  They did have an orange sample that M was thrilled to see!  Moving on to the meat department where I get my beloved chicken.  They had a cheese sample, which I automatically took with no second thought.  M is standing there reading the label and she whispers “It has more than 5 ingredients!”.  Indeed it did, but I rationalized it because it was just cheese with some real food mix-ins, nothing fishy.  Meanwhile the sample lady and the guy eating a sample! are trying to get us to try a chicken wing drenched in some sauce that I KNOW is not going to happen, even though honey barbecue and ranch sound so innocent.  Really?

This happened to The Boyfriend, sort of, when he took M to the bank the other day.  The teller asked if she could have a sucker, he said no, we’re not eating sugar, and the male customer in the next line was obviously appalled that my little girl was being denied candy!  I’m glad people are concerned for our well being and all, but it’s really my business and not yours 😆

I for one will be glad to kick the sample habit, if we ever do.  Believe me I will try!  And yes, I will totally lie and just tell the candy pushers that we are allergic to food dyes!

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