We spent what?!

Since November and December are high spending months, we have mostly been going along blindly, trying not to spend too much money knowing we will anyway.  Last night I was curious and decided to look through our totals for meals outside of the home for the last few months.  Some months we go out a lot, some we don’t, so we don’t spend this much all of the time, thank goodness!!

December’s total was $283!!!  November was also a whopping $193! 

Ridiculous, no?  The most stupid part is that we had food at home, and I know for a fact that we did not get $500 worth of food at those restaurants 😆  So obviously, I do like to eat out, but it is dumb to do so when I barely have a drop of money in my savings account.  Duh.

Of course we won’t be eating out probably at all during our 100 days of unprocessed food, but it will be a challenge to avoid it altogether in the future.  I guess the thing to do is just budget it and make room for a moderate amount to spend on restaurants.  I’m not sure what that should be though.  Go out once a month?  $50?

How often do you eat out at restaurants?  Are we normal or out of control?! 

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  1. I just had that shock myself – I had no idea.


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