Unprocessed Day 2

Ran into a glitch today.  I didn’t even really think about using Pam, but I checked it today since I was making some bread, and the ingredients are a little off to me.  There is dimethyl silicone it it?  I don’t know what that is, and I don’t think I can find it in the grocery store (well except in the Pam spray), so we won’t be using that anymore!  I’m going to get an oil spray canister as soon as I can.  I really only use the Pam for spraying the bread pan, or when I’m doing a casserole or something.  So I’m sure we won’t miss it at all!!

I didn’t have anything planned for lunch and the fridge is pretty bare right now.  We had to go to work so I knew I would have to make something to take this morning.  So around 9:00 am I whipped up a soup with green cabbage, onion, sweet potato, bell pepper and at the end tossed in some kidney beans (canned from a friend!).  I did a taco-style seasoning.  It turned out really good!!  I also made a quick whole wheat flatbread.  The Kiddo packed her own lunch with munchies, making sure to try and get each food group 😆  She is so funny.

We just had dinner, broiled mahi-mahi, balsamic glazed brussels, and some whole wheat spaghetti with ‘squash-ta’ sauce.  I just sauteed onions and garlic, added some roasted butternut squash, water and chicken base.  I buzzed it with the immersion blender and then added some heavy cream at the end.  It was pretty good, but The Kiddo and I agreed that it needed some cheese in it.  Anyway, now we have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.  And my yogurt is finished and set, so I’m going to have a big old green smoothie tomorrow!  I seriously have been craving one, it has been too long. I also made a second batch of bread, this time with some rye, barley, and spelt.  It’s new to me but I think it will be great!


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