Unprocessed Day 1

Well it was an interesting day.  I didn’t feel like doing anything, but somehow we got fed, showered, and went to the grocery store.  I was searching for an option for mayo, I know I can just make it myself and I guess I will in the future, anyway the thing I really needed was ranch dressing!  So we ended up picking out a dressing, even though it  has a lot of ingredients.  We didn’t even realize that there is sugar in it! 😆  Oh well.  I don’t really want to waste it, so we’ll use it and then I will just make my own.  We also ended up buying Hansen’s soda made with cane sugar, which is really funny because normally we don’t even drink soda.  I had an upset tummy and while it may a placebo effect, it always makes me feel better.  The soda is really good, and I feel okay about it since there aren’t too many ingredients in it.

Dinner was a bean taco salad.  Did you know there is sugar in canned beans?  I don’t know why they need sugar, but whatever.  I used it and it is the last can so we won’t be doing that again.  Now I’m making some cookies with molasses and evaporated cane juice.  They look promising!  I made a batch of yogurt too, and I’m really looking forward to having some green smoothies this week.  I am in desperate need of good nutrition!!!  Tomorrow I will exercise, I’m sure I will feel better tomorrow.  Hangovers suck.  I never, ever want to have another one!

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