Happy New Year!

Well, it’s on!  I feel like total crap today being hungover after way too many drinks last night, but I’m still feeling strong in my decision to stick with the unprocessed challenge.  We are making a few exceptions with protein powder, and in going through the fridge today I realized I just can’t do without my chicken and beef base.  Well, maybe I can, I don’t know.  I just hate buying chicken stock because I usually don’t use the whole container and it always gets thrown out.  I think I will use up the base we have and then probably make the switch to stock again.  Anyway!  We are also going to continue to use things we have made or canned, like banana bread in the freezer and jam downstairs in storage.  It just doesn’t make sense to toss any of that stuff!  So there will be some ‘cheating’ I guess.

I have also decided to make 2012 a dry year.  I am not going to drink any alcohol this year!!!  I am super excited.  I tend to overdo it, and too often, and I am excited for the change so I can feel better and be happier.  I waffled a lot about the decision, but I am ready to do it.  I think if I can do it, it will make weight loss so much easier.  It’s not a big deal anyway, really.  I have so many more years ahead of me (hopefully!) so what is one without booze?  Anyway.

My other main goal for the year is to finally lose weight and be healthy again.  Like I said, I think it will be a lot easier to do without the alcohol.  And without junky food.  I’m going to start exercising again, even if I just do some walking.  Anything counts!  I want to start doing weights again, I’ll probably follow the training plan in New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I’ve started it before but always quit.  Not this time!  I am also going to pay more attention to the Intuitive Eating principles.  So I’m going to try to eat when I’m hungry and not overeat.  I really want to do this without ‘dieting’, just eating real foods, even bacon and butter.  I think I can do it!!  If I just eat less it should work, right?

So.  I’m excited!!  I’m ready to have a great year 🙂


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