Gearing up for an Unprocessed Challenge

We are going to do an Unprocessed Food Challenge, based on 100 Days of Real Food and the October Unprocessed!!  We are going to start January 1, 2012.  The Boyfriend and I are really excited about this!  The Kiddo however, is not as excited.  We may not do it perfectly but are going to give it our best.  We are still discussing whether or not protein powder will still be used…and sugar is still an issue right now.  Honey and maple syrup are kind of expensive, so I might just try and use evaporated cane juice or succanat instead of white sugar.  Or maybe I should just go ahead and bite the bullet – we would probably bake a lot less without the sugars!  I will also have to make an exception with the sugar thing in our home canned goods.  We will still need to use the jams and jellies and such, but I won’t be buying or using any more plain old table sugar.  If we have something in a package now, it will have to follow the 5 ingredient rule or we won’t use it during the challenge.

What we will eat

  1. Whole foods = foods that grow and aren’t manufactured
  2. Lots of fruit and vegetables
  3. Dairy products, preferably locally produced and raw when possible
  4. Lots of whole grains
  5. Seafood – will try to do wild caught
  6. Locally raised meat whenever possible
  7. Occasionally protein powder for smoothie
What we won’t eat:
  1. No refined grains (white flour, white rice)
  2. Packaged food with more than 5 ingredients
  3. No fast food
  4. No deep fried foods
  5. Oils other than animal fats and olive oil

So, we are gearing up and reducing our stores of processed stuff.  The all-purpose flour is gone :-O !!  Honestly I think that will be my biggest challenge, not using all-purpose flour 😆  We whittled down the Halloween candy to the most ‘important’ items and it will soon be gone.  We will probably make a bunch of brittle to use up sugar and give it away for holiday gifts.   We might do a couple of frying sessions to use up the peanut oil on hand 😉  I’ll have to look closely at the pantry and stored food items to see what else we may need to get rid of or use up.

So that’s that!  I’m excited!!

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