Grilled Turkey and Pecan Pie

We had our own Thanksgiving with friends on Sunday.  The original plan was to smoke the turkey, but with it being 20 degrees outside, the smoker would just not get hot enough!!  We didn’t have room to do it in the oven since we are insane and were also cooking a ham, so we decided to try and grill it.  We set it up over indirect heat and after some fiddling with the temperature things finally started moving along.  We may have cooked it too long, but since we brined it, it still came out delicious and tender.  It was one of our best turkeys yet.  Our 10 pound bird ended up cooking for about 3 1/2 hours (we started it pretty low, like 325).  We did a wet rub with a bunch of herbs and oil under the skin on the breast and all over the bird.  I put some apple, onion, lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs inside, but not too much.  Oh, and the turkey was fresh, from Wight’s.

I also made my first ever pecan pie, using Alton Brown’s recipe.  Mine took much longer to cook though, more like 50 minutes.  I had never had pecan pie and it was really, really good.  Everyone said that it is much less sweet than most pecan pies, I think that is probably a good thing.

We had loads of other food too, but I only got a picture of the pie and the  turkey 🙂

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