Budget and Food update for November

Well I didn’t keep track that well of our food purchases on the blog this past week, but I have been putting it on my spreadsheet.  We didn’t do too badly, but we didn’t stay with our budget either.  For the month of November we spent $560 on food groceries.  This breaks down to $140 per week.  The goal is $100, well $75 really if we are saying we spend $25 for stuff we already have.  So we are overspending, by kind of a lot!  Although we did buy some high ticket items, and even went to our favorite imports market so I think that this total isn’t terrible.  Still, it’d be great to figure out a way to get the spending down.  Hopefully we can do a little better in December!

I’m thinking that in the long run, $125 a week may be more realistic for us.  I am still going to try and plan every week to try and stay under $100 though, even though it may not happen.  Just think of how much we would be spending if we weren’t trying to save!!

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