Budget and Food Part 2

We hit up Sunflower Market and Harmon’s today.  We managed to spend about $65.  Add that to yesterday’s and $25 for pantry, and this week we have spent $147.  It just keeps climbing up 😆  We did stock up on yams and butter, plus we bought more turkey parts – my venture in stock didn’t turn out so well yesterday so I’m going to try again.  Here’s the Sunflower haul:

And from Harmon’s:

What we got:

  • Avocados $1.00
  • Red bell peppers $1.76
  • Broccoli $1.00 – couldn’t have planned that if I tried!
  • Celery $.88
  • Garlic $.50
  • Green beans $1.10
  • Bag of romaine $.99
  • Mushrooms $2.00
  • Salad mix $4.99
  • Yams $11.08 – over 20 pounds!
  • Organic butter $3.99
  • Vegan butter $3.99 – I am making vegan sides for Thanksgiving
  • Heavy cream $3.79
  • Cream cheese $3.00
  • Half gallon milk $2.69
  • Yogurt for M $1.59
  • Turkey necks and wing $7.03
  • Orange juice $2.49 – I had a coupon for 50 cents off and it was on sale too
  • Frozen corn $3.00
  • Chips $3.78
  • Sour Cream $1.35

Funny about the chips – I didn’t even look at the price, just assumed they were the same as last week.  Turns out they are 65 cents more each.  Oops!  Writing it out makes it seem like we got a lot of stuff.  Our fridge is packed now too, lately we have been trying to run it down, so I think we did pretty good and got a lot of stuff.  And we should be set for our contribution to Thanksgiving too!

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  1. Whoa! That’s a great deal for all that stuff you got!


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