Pumpkin Chip Bread

I roasted our last pie pumpkin last night 😦  I may buy one more but that will be it, since we still have a ton of assorted squash downstairs.  I used half of the puree, about 1 pound, for this pumpkin bread.  It made two decent sized loaves, and only one stuck to the bottom of the pan!  😆  I need to be patient and let it cool more before I try to take it out of the pan I guess.

I loosely followed this recipe found at The Fresh Loaf.  I ended up using about 3 1/4 cups of flour, and I also used white sugar but added a few tablespoons of molasses.  I also used butterscotch chips and chopped up some unsweetened chocolate to add in.  The cook time for the smaller loaf was 40 minutes and the larger loaf took about 50.  It turned out really good!!  I ate waaaay too much last night, oops!  So I skipped breakfast today to make up for it.

What will I do with the other half of the puree?  I’m thinking another batch of pumpkin beer is in order…

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