Budget and Food

Starting early this week.  The idea was to take some of the load off for tomorrow by hitting Costco and The Store today.  It was still busy, but not nearly as busy as it would be tomorrow!  While we were up in Cottonwood we hit Snider’s Meats too, in search of turkey parts.  So we ended up spending a lot more than we should have today.  Oh well.

Here’s what we got:

  • Potatoes $3.07
  • Sliced Havarti $8.69
  • Whole chicken $7.44
  • Eggs $2.99
  • Beef jerky (wasn’t me!!) $8.98
  • Turkey drumsticks and wings $4.08
  • Coffee $12.99
  • Chicken base $6.89
  • Horseradish $1.76

Wow, that’s $56.89 already minus tax!  I told The Boyfriend not to get the stinkin’ jerky but he wouldn’t give 😆  Coffee is too expensive too.  Oh well, we are still trying to do our best!

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