Budget and Food

We overspent again this week.  Plus we went for pizza twice :lol  So really we probably spent about $155 on food for last week.  But we only went out shopping 1 time!!  I think that alone will help us spend less overall.  We went shopping again today, and here’s what we got for $99.68.  Add $25 for the pantry items and that puts us at $124.68.  Not great, but not bad considering we got lots of grain, plus the cheese, butter, and maple syrup.

  • Broccoli $1.65
  • Brussels Sprouts $2.91
  • Carrots $2.17
  • Garlic $.50
  • Grapefruit $2.00
  • Salad $2.98
  • Zucchini $.67
  • Butter $9.68
  • Gruyere cheese $14.86
  • Milk $2.69
  • Eggs $2.99
  • Evaporated cane juice $7.30
  • Coconut $1.90
  • Spelt, rye, and barley for grinding $14.73
  • Salt $1.65 – I wasn’t going to buy this but I found a coupon and they are still on sale
  • Panko bread crumbs $5.00 – these were on sale too, we got four boxes!
  • Maple syrup $12.98
  • Mayo $3.25 with a coupon
  • Tortilla chips $4.39
  • Chocolate bar $2.50
I haven’t really thought too much about the dinners this week.  I guess I’m thinking:
  • Chicken noodle soup from leftover chicken
  • Leftover chili and soup
  • Beef or pork roast with potatoes
  • Fish with buttered cabbage and brown rice on the side
  • Onion pie
Can’t really think of anything else right now!  I hope we can do a little better next week and spend closer to $100.
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  1. I just bought that same box of panko this week! I love dairy, but why must it set me back so much when I grocery shop? And don’t even get me started on maple syrup!


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