Budget and food

We are still trying to stick to the $100 a week food budget!!  We are starting this week today, but I am including some things that we bought yesterday.  So far this is what we’ve bought for the week:

Farmer’s market:

  • Beets $3
  • Turnips $3
  • Peppers $6
  • Potatoes $8
The Store (I wanted to check this store out and we were at Wheeler Farm anyway):
  • Chicken $7.27
  • Celery $1.76
  • Bread crumbs $1.67
  • Butter $5.99 – I know it is expensive but I love this butter!
  • Ricotta $2.99
  • Poultry herbs $2.59
  • Organic bananas $2.43
  • Zucchini $1.14
  • Garlic $1.00
  • Broccoli $3.59
  • Bag of bananas for bread and to freeze $2.47
Sunflower Market:
  • Organic romaine $1.99
  • Organic red leaf lettuce $1.50
  • Cauliflower $.88
I may go to Costco and get eggs for about $3, and I hope to pick up some raw milk, I’m budgeting $4 for it.  So far we have spent $58.38 (tax included) and might spent that $7 more.  To try and see the amount we really use, we are also going to charge ourselves for items that we’ve already bought, like meat in the freezer and pantry items.  I’ve sort of planned out some meals for the week and the estimate right now is that we will spend about $25 from the pantry.  All that to say we are planning on spending $82 as of now.  I’ll update on Saturday with a grand total of what we spent!
Curious what this non meal planner is planning for dinners?!  This is the rough draft:
  • Pumpkin gnocchi
  • Fish, veggies, and rice
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Bean and sweet potato tacos
  • Chili
  • Squash mac and cheese
  • Pumpkin soup
I have to find something else to do with the rest of the ricotta – what’s your favorite way to use it?
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  1. We use ricotta in lasagna!


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