Thinking about doing a real food challenge

Like this one, 100 days of real food.  Thinking about it more this morning, I have a couple of problems.  I just bought a big bag of all purpose flour, I know it was one of my goals to phase it out and I really don’t know why I bought it!  Sometimes you just have to have white bread 😆  We also have quite a bit of regular pasta in the pantry, and I wouldn’t just throw it away.  K will also never give up his protein powder, I also just bought a big container of a new one for me.  So would I every really and truly give up white flour and pasta?  Do I even want to?!  I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that for a while and come to some sort of decision.  I do think it would be cool to try and really go unprocessed for a period of time and see if there is any difference in how we feel.  We’ll see.

This does inspire me to actually use up our food stores.  So I will not be buying any more pasta or canned goods or flour, we don’t have much store bought canned stuff really, but it is there.  I also want to set a strict budget for food and actually stick to it.  When we shop at Costco we sometimes end up spending a lot, especially if we get a bag of frozen fish or a couple of chickens.  We really do need a budget though, I am pretty bad at making and sticking to one but I need to be better about it.  So I think to start I will go with $100 a week.  If we find that easy, I will take it down a little more.  So that’s my challenge for now.  Use up pantry stuff and stick to $100 a week food budget.  I will try and do some kind of update as often as I can, at least once a week with what I bought and some things I used up.

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  1. Heather

     /  October 24, 2011

    If you can eat on 100/week, that is a pretty big accomplishment!


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