Meat CSA

We are trying something new.  I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of months now but finally got up the courage to put my order in (last month) for this month.  It is a CSA share for meat raised by Christiansen Family Farms in Vernon.  They offer all natural, grass-fed, pasture raised beef, pork, and poultry.  With the CSA you can choose whether you want ground beef, beef, pork, or a combo of beef and pork.  We picked the combo to give the beef and pork both a try.  It is 30 pounds in total, half and half.  I like that you can choose both, and you can get a smaller amount but good variety without buying a whole pig or half of a cow!  We got a variety of cuts, some steaks and a big sirloin roast, along with stew meat and a few pounds of ground beef.  On the pork side was a few packages of pork chops, bacon, a ham hock, ham, and a big roast.  It took up more space in the freezer than I thought it would, a little more than one whole shelf.  Luckily I have been preparing for it and trying to move some things out of the freezer and into our bellies 🙂  We also got four pounds of lard that is in the freezer too.

We just picked up our share this morning, there are 2 sites in Salt Lake, one being just around the corner from us!  We didn’t use that one today but would in the future I think.  So we haven’t tried anything yet, but we left out some ham that we’ll try out tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it is!  I’m super excited 😀

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  1. Wow that is a lot of meat. Do they have a website to look at? I’m interested, although I’m not sure I could fit all that in my freezer, good job Lauren!

  2. Oops. You did Lauren, I just didn’t notice it. You’d think a fellow blogger would pay attention and notice it. 🙂


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