Raw Milk and Cheese Goal

I already have an update for my October Goals!  We went to Centerfield yesterday to get a bunch of squash – if you ever need a day trip around this time of year I suggest you go too.  We had a great time and the squash was a fantastic price!!  They had tons of different kinds, and lots of pumpkins for jack-0-lanterns, pies, you name it.  We got lots, including a bunch that I don’t even know what they are 😆  I’m looking forward to trying them all.  Anyway, we took a detour to Manti and then on the way home we stopped off in Orem to visit the Real Foods Market.  They sell raw milk and grass fed meats, along with lots of supplements and veggies.  We bought a couple of gallons of milk and some pork chops, and it wasn’t until today that I got brave enough to try the milk.  So good!!!  So good.

We used one gallon to make cheese.  Mozzarella.  I probably wouldn’t do this again with this milk, I’m not sure though.  It was a lot of leftover whey and not a lot of cheese.  It is super tasty but I think you can get the same results with cheaper milk and cream or half and half.  I do not know this, but I have read it.  I will try it and let you know!  Another reason is that the milk really was delicious.  I would drink that milk, and I really don’t drink milk all that much.  I think it will be better suited for drinking, buttermilk, and yogurt.  So I will probably be doing more of that.  We did save the whey from the cheese-making and I plan on using it in baking and smoothies and such.

So there we go, two goals down!

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  1. You can make ricotta cheese from the leftover whey. I haven’t done it that way, but you can Google it.

    It’s amazing how different raw milk tastes, isn’t it? I thought it tasted very sweet – sort of like “ice milk” that had been melted.

    • I thought I could do ricotta but the recipe/kit I used said that it won’t work with that particular method. I think I need a mother culture that I can keep using, I don’t know.

      The milk was great!! I was nervous until you commented about it so thanks!


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