October Goals

I have a lot of domestic things I want to try, and things I need to finish.  Like M’s loft bed – I need to get that done before the weather turns to total crap and I can’t work on it at all!!  I’ve been reading the book Nourishing Traditions, which led to a bunch of different blogs, and now I’m all excited to try things like making yogurt and buttermilk, soaking grains and making flour from them, and more fermenting.  So I ordered up some cultures to get me going.  I also want to focus more on making sure I consistently try and feed the family really good and healthy food.  It can’t hurt right?  So here are some goals I’m thinking of for October.

  • Eat mostly real food, unprocessed, at least 80% of the time.  Since we eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day, and dessert a few times a week, I guess this would be maybe 1-2 components of a meal that are processed in some way.  But the goal will be to eat as little processed food as possible.
  • Make some cheese!  I bought a cheese making kit for mozzarella since my previous effort failed miserably.  I want to do it and have it work!!
  • Try raw milk.  I know, controversial maybe?  We are not big milk drinkers anyway, but I’d like to try this for the cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, stuff like that.  M and I love yogurt, and why not use milk with more nutrients and enzymes that are good for you.
  • Sprout and dry grains and grind them into flour.  We got a flour mill yesterday!  I’ve already ground a bit of wheat and made biscuits with it.  They were awesome.  I’ve read that sprouted is even better.  I’m going to try just soaking flour for stuff like pancakes too.
  • Make water kefir.  My love for kombucha makes me think I will also love this.
  • Finish M’s loft bed.  I need to sand all of the pieces and then stain them.  If I actually work on it, it might get done.
  • Finish curtains for M’s room.  Again, if I work on it….
That’s probably enough.  We will be out of town for The Other Half marathon for one weekend, and weekends are the only times I have to do stuff really.  So I don’t want to load up too much and then have an epic fail 😆  I’m excited!!!
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  1. I got some raw milk a couple of years ago in Heber (Real Foods Market). I couldn’t believe how good it tasted! I’d probably be a bit nervous about using it on a regular basis except for yogurt, where I’d pasteurize it in the process of making the yogurt. But I’m so glad I gave it a try to see what it’s like, and how good it is. No wonder the government had to have a big PR campaign to convince people to drink pasteurized/homogenized milk in the first place.

    • Cool, I’m glad to hear that you liked it!! I’m a little nervous but I’m hopeful that it will be good and I like it.

  1. Raw Milk and Cheese Goal « Cook-Eat-Run-Play

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