The Great Pickle Experiment

I wanted to try something new this year in regard to canning.  I have never made pickles before and came across fermented and brined pickles in the Blue Ball book, and decided to go for it.  I am a sucker for fermentation after all!  I started this 2 weeks ago, not sure what was going to happen, if anything.  I cleaned the cucumbers, made the brine, added pickling salt, and weighed it down with the mason jar full of water on a plate.  2 weeks went by with nothing visibly happening.  Then all of a sudden I discovered scum!!  That was Saturday.  I skimmed it off and kept checking it throughout the day.  Sunday it was all scummy again, and you could definitely smell the fermentation going on!  I’ll have to keep skimming it every day, and every day the bubbles get more and more active.  I’m excited that this is apparently working, and I just hope I don’t go and screw it up somehow!  I’m not sure how long I’ve got before fermentation is done.  The recipe said the pickles should be ready in 2-3 weeks, so that would leave one more week.  I’ll keep you posted!

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