Things I want to try

Between cooking TV, farmer’s markets, and surfing the webs, I have come up with a list of things I want to try.  Eventually, I want to get a CSA share or order from a local producer of beef and pork.  I’ve got my eye on a couple of places, Christiansen Family Farm and Canyon Meadows Ranch, anyone tried them before?  I know they sometimes have product at various stores around town.  We have a ton of chuck roasts from Costco in the freezer right now so we’ll need to use those up first.  But I just might sneak in a pork roast or something before then 😉

I want to try and make some of my own cheese.  I’ve made ricotta before and it was pretty good.  I want to try mozzarella and goat cheese, maybe even more kinds.  Apparently I’ve already made yogurt cheese, which is just straining regular yogurt.  I did it because I wanted cheap greek yogurt 😆

I want to make vietnamese pho, beef noodle soup.  I want to give tofu one more chance and turn it into an awesome curry.  I want to try flour tortillas, I’ve made corn and tried flour once before but it was a bomb.  I want to make a good bean burger.  Too many recipes, so little time!!

So for this week, these are my goals of new things to try.  I’m going to head over to the West Jordan Farmer’s Market tomorrow, they do Tuesdays from 3pm -7pm.  I’ve been trying to check out the markets that are relatively close to us.

I will do the tortillas today.  We are having some chile verde that a friend gave us, should be great!

I will make it to an asian market and see if I can find some things that will help me on the road to the pho and tofu.

I will look for rennet, though I’m thinking I may not be successful and have to order online.  If anyone knows where I can get it locally?

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