Bountiful Baskets 7/2

When I ordered my baskets on Monday the website wasn’t quite working right so the option to get organic wasn’t there.  so I ordered two conventional baskets.  I think I kind of fell out of love with the organic basket anyway.  I’d rather pick my own stuff when it comes to that, not that the basket was really bad – only a couple of things I was really unhappy with like celery and peaches.  I guess any produce is good versus no organic or none right?

Today’s haul was crazy!!  I was not expecting this much food, especially four bags of grapes!  I don’t know what we’ll be doing with all of them :lol  Well besides some sangria 😉  Also I have never even seen a bunch of chard this gigantic, the thing is bigger than my head.  Today I’m going to prep some stuff and get what we didn’t use up from last week planned to use.  What would you do with all of these nectarines??  And butternut squash?  We made a lasagna last week that was awesome so we’ll probably do a repeat but after that I really can’t think of anything.  Time to surf the internets for ideas!

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  1. Looks gorgeous… I would use the nectarines in a crumble. I made some tonight with some apricots & 1 apple. Added lemon juice to add a little sour kick, but also some sugar so that it would all caramelize a bit.

    It was delicious with vanilla ice cream 🙂

  2. We cut up our nectarines from our tree into slices and freeze them to use for smoothies throughout the year. We also tried some fruit leather – it was really delicious. We tried a batch of jam, Dalan and Madalyn liked it.

    Looks like a good haul! 😉

  3. I forgot to mention, the smoothie that I make with the nectarines is a banana nectarine smoothie, and I think it’s very yummy. Just vanilla yogurt, milk, banana, and nectarines.


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