Seed-Crusted Amaranth Biscuits

Another recipe from Super Natural Cooking, the first one in the book actually!  These biscuits are super easy to make, well I guess most biscuits are, aren’t they?  They have amaranth flour, regular whole wheat flour, and whole wheat pastry flour.  They smelled great while baking – nutty, buttery, and earthy.  Upon tasting them, The Boyfriend said “Hmmm, tastes like dirt”.  My little M said (after spitting it out into the garbage), “Tastes like leaves!”  I guess I have different taste-buds 😆  I think they are great.  The dirt and leafy taste I would describe as earthy.  They taste like something that came out of the earth, in my opinion how food should taste.  But I like mushrooms, raw chard, and prefer the whole grain taste over refined, boring white flour.  So there you have it.  I think it is a great recipe but next time I may add a little more liquid, I think mine were maybe too dry.  Still taste great!

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