My Week in Exercise

One of the bloggers I read sometimes posts a weekly review of her exercise to see it from a different point of view, rather than I only got 3 days of running instead of 4.   I decided to do this also to help me see just how much I really am doing and to see it in a positive light, instead of focusing on the workouts I missed.  So here is last week’s:

Running – I did a total of 3 miles, or once on the treadmill.

Walking – I did 4 different workouts for a total of 11 miles, not bad!

Cycling – I did a 6 mile loop to work on Sunday, I also did a leisurely ride on Friday evening with the family.

Elliptical – I did 3 workouts for 5.5 total miles

Yoga – I did 2 yoga workouts

Weights – I worked out twice with weights for about 1 1/2 hours total

I may have left out a couple of things but this is all pulled from my Daily Mile training page.  And for the most part I count all of my walks, regardless of pace.  It all counts!  There is room for improvement but I’m proud of how much I did manage to do!  I definitely want to get more running and yoga in, and the occasional bike ride too.  I decided I would ride my bike to work on Sundays instead of driving since there is no time crunch on that day.  I also want to make sure and get out for a walk every day that it isn’t pouring buckets, which won’t be many around here apparently!

Well I better get moving so I can get my 2 scheduled workouts for today in – weights and a walk.

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