New Project

I have cookbooks.  A lot of them.  Some I have never used even once!  So to remedy this, and maybe make me eat a little more fancy and healthy, I am going to cook my way through them.  I will pick one, make as many or all of the recipes in it, and then move on to the next.  My first choice is Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson.  The book has some really fantastic looking and sounding recipes and I’m actually really excited to finally make them.  Some call for ingredients that I don’t normally have in my kitchen so I’ll have to make en effort to find them in advance.  Anyway, I’ve been thumbing through it, and I think the first recipe I’ll try is Quinoa and Corn Flour Crepes, and since I have some bananas that need to be used up, I’ll make some Espresso Banana Muffins.  There are lots of exciting possibilities so it is hard to choose!  Anyway, I think I will make this tomorrow, since we have a ridiculous amount of leftover stuff in the fridge right now.  The Boyfriend cooked some brisket on Sunday, which leads to coleslaw and corn muffins.  And M had the idea of making ‘family soup’, in which we each chose a veggie and a pasta and it all went in the pot with mirepoix and turkey.  It was great!  She wants me to tell you that we had cheesy bread with it, leftover pizza dough with provolone and a handful of mexican blend cheese.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’m going back to relaxing on the couch, a.k.a. waking up while smelling the freshness outside after a rain.  Have a great day!

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