I’ve already told you about my kombucha experiment.  Well I decided to break into it yesterday and see how it was going.  I tasted it and declared it done, though upon reading the internets I may have let it go too long, because it is SOUR!  But, I still like it.  And I plan on mixing it with some juice to balance it out.  I put a slice of ginger and some lemon zest in some bottles and ladled the stuff in.  Tomorrow I plan on putting most of the rest in bottles and then starting a new batch!  I think I will use more tea bags and a little bit more sugar this time.

I’m excited to see how the mother/scoby will continue to grow!!  What the hell is kombucha?  It is just fermented sweet tea.  You can find it at Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, or probably any health food store.  But at a whopping $3 a bottle, you might end up making your own if you like it 😉  What can I say, I just love fermentation!

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