Happy Mother’s Day!

We had a great time at our school party yesterday with lots of good friends!  We stood around and talked, rode scooters, and enjoyed a potluck followed by a fire and smore’s.  M had a blast and she always loves a good smore.  I didn’t have any of the potluck though!  It was all pasta, bread, fruit, and desserts.  I suppose I could have had some coleslaw.  But I wasn’t hungry!  I had eaten lunch at about 12:00, a big bowl of cauliflower soup and then some deviled eggs.  We took salad and meat patties to make cheeseburgers, but no charcoal.  We finally went to get some around 6:30 so didn’t end up eating until after 7:00.  I was really needing to eat by then.  Anyway.  I was kind of shocked at how little hunger I felt.  I did have a huge desire to have a drink, so I did when we came home.  I had a bottle of Elephant IPA and then about 3 ounces of homemade mead.  Oops!  The carb level shot way up after that lol  Oh well.  I tried to just give myself some credit for not going overboard, and for all of the activity that I did.

I went for a walk for an hour and 50 minutes!!  I was planning an hour but it felt good so I just kept on going.  I went about 5 miles.  My feet are sore today though!  I don’t know if it is from the walk or from the scootering – which is hard by the way.  It was a great walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a beautiful day and a perfect temperature.  It feels so good to get out and move my body and to breath fresh air.  I am going to walk today, don’t know when but it will be for another hour.  I think I will only do the 2 hour walks once or twice a week.

I did weigh today, and I was up a tiny bit, .2 pounds.  Could be worse!  I am having thoughts of going off plan again today.  K is bottling a new batch of mead and I’d love to try it haha.  We’ll see.  I will stick to the food plan though!  Yesterday’s calories ended up around 1600 and the carbs were over 60.  I don’t think I did too much damage though.

I think I will start posting yesterday’s eats instead of today’s plan.  Though I will be planning my food on The Daily Plate in advance, so no winging it!  We are having pot roast though – yum!!

Have a great day 🙂

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