Day 4 and Planning

I guess my numbers were off yesterday, I was down 2.4 but today is even better, I’m pretty much down 4 pounds!  In 3 days, that is awesome.  I know maybe it is water weight or just my body calming down but let me tell ya, that makes a lot of room in my jeans 🙂  I’ll be super excited to get into the next set of digits, which is only 2 pounds away!

I managed to get out for an hour walk yesterday while M was at her Spanish class.  I went 3 miles in that time.  It was a really nice walk in a nice neighborhood, I really enjoyed smelling the smells and seeing the sights.  I miss walking!!  I’m going to get out for an hour today no matter what!

I picked up The Beck Diet Solution at the library yesterday and read quite a bit of it.  It is different in that it uses Cognitive Therapy, basically ways to change your thinking if you practice the skills involved daily.  I think something like this would be good for me, rather than trying to constantly use my ‘willpower’ and fighting with myself in my head.  So I’m going to probably buy the book and use it, along with whatever diet I end up choosing.  And whatever diet I end up choosing will be low carb, low sugar.  I’ve been reading a lot and psyching myself up to get rid of the sugar – for good.  Even though I’ve been tired the last few days, most of the time I feel tired and crappy anyway so my drastic change I’m doing right now isn’t really any different.  Anyway I think added sugar and totally refined carbs are what is doing it to me.  As much as I may miss white bread or pasta, feeling better is really more important to me.  Why keep perpetuating my sugar addiction?!  Not to say that I won’t ever be partaking in that kind of stuff again.  But I realize that most thin people aren’t just magically thin – they work at it in one way or another.  I will also have to work at being smaller for as long as I want to be that way.  So more often than not, I will need to eat with a re-vamped diet without stuff that doesn’t do anything for my body.  And I’m okay with that.

Anyway, on to the diets I’ve been thinking will most work for me.  I’ve come up with my own plan and here’s what it looks like:

Very low carb ‘induction’ for a week, then add in (net) carbs in increments of 5 grams every week.  This is to find out how many carbs I can add back in until I won’t be losing weight anymore.  So I’ll keep it at an amount that allows me to still lose until I get to goal.  This is very much like Atkins, or it pretty much is.  But I’m not following it to the letter right now anyway, it doesn’t allow yogurt or cottage cheese or milk right away, and I have been using those.

I’m also looking at something like the Belly Fat Cure.  I haven’t read the book but I’ve read a lot about it on a message board where people follow it, so I wouldn’t be following it to a T, I don’t think.  The deal is you stay under 120 grams of carbs – no net involved here.  And you limit added sugar to 15 grams a day.  You are allowed 6 servings of good carbs, limited to 20 grams per each serving.  I would aim to keep my carbs under 100 grams and keep the 15 grams of sugar rule.  Considering there are about 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon, that isn’t much sugar!  So I think overall it is a good plan.

Then there is good old South Beach.  During phase 2 (after it’s induction phase), you basically are eating protein and veg at each meal, with anywhere from 1-3 fruits and 1-3 starches a day, depending on where you are.  To me this sounds good, I could see myself having protein and veg every meal and then maybe having 1-2 of both fruits and starch daily.

Whichever one I choose, I still plan to continue with the Intermittent Fasting.  But I was thinking about this last night.  I don’t know if I will continue to try to get to a 6 hour eating window.  I may just stick with noon – 8.  And then I may try to do a couple of 24 hour fasts in a week, upping my calories on regular days.  I’m really not sure.  I will just stick with what I’m doing for now, and then evaluate it in about a month if it isn’t working or getting any easier.  Yesterday I made it until 1:30 but it wasn’t pleasant!  I hope I just get used to it.

I don’t have a meal plan today, we will be going to a park day with a couple of the classes from M’s school.  There will be a potluck dinner, so I’m not sure what there will be to eat.  I know there will be some coleslaw!  We may have to go get some hot dogs or something.  I might make some kind of cream soup for lunch before we leave, and take a protein shake for a snack.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to a good, beer-free weekend 🙂  Have a good one!

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