A Good Day

Well first off, down 1.6 pounds this morning.  This is what usually happens when I stop eating the food I don’t make at home (and quit drinking).  Probably just been eating a lot of sodium.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow but the hope is to drop a good bit this first week before a slow-down starts.  This is still good!

It always amazes me (don’t know why, I should know better by now!!) how great it feels to just get one good day in that is on-plan.  After a week or even just a couple of days of not caring what I eat or drink, it is always so easy to choose to keep going that way instead of making the choice to do better.  I’m not really sure why I think this way since I know that I feel better emotionally and physically when I’m doing what I say I want to do, rather than taking the easy way out and reaching for the cheeseburger.  Anyway.

Yesterday was a good day, I mostly stuck to my plan (some chicken wings snuck in there) though I didn’t go for a walk or lift weights like I wanted.  Just too tired!  I hope I will at least go for a walk today and make it to karate later on.  Another thing I’m always surprised at is how good food tastes when I know I’m eating the right things.  I always crave junky type stuff and I’m not sure why that is either.  Usually a big plate of roasted veggies or a really great bean soup turn my crank and are more satisfying than pizza and ice cream, so why do I pick the latter?  Not sure.

I think what needs to make my ‘journey’ different this time is to work through that kind of stuff.  Why I feel like I want to keep yo-yoing, why I sabotage myself with drinking, why I tell myself I just don’t care when I know for certain that it isn’t true.  Why do I do all that, what payoff do I get?  That is puzzling since I know I’m not happy being the way I am!

Okay, on to the food plan.  It will look a lot like yesterday’s.

Meal #1 Chicken wings – they were good and I didn’t have to worry about making it until I got home because I didn’t pack food or have time to do it before going to work, so I’ll just add them on the plan lol  Also cheese and cucumbers

Meal #2 Salad with leftover tuna salad and probably sauteed mushrooms on the side – gotta use em up

Meal #3 Leftover chicken, roasted brussels and canned green beans

I’m probably going to have kombucha before any meals, and I’m going to try and make it until at least 1:00 today before I eat, 2:00 if I can stand it.  This will all work out to about 1100 calories and 19 grams of net carbs.

I feel like I need to make some soup.  I have been craving it lately!

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