Ignore if you don’t like diet-y stuff :)

Well I have decided once and for all that I am going to choose a diet method and use it to lose this weight.  I have about 40 pounds to lose right now.  Not exactly sure as I’ve not been getting on the scale 😉  I have been reading up on the Intuitive Eating, and yes it does sound great to just eat and not worry, but I don’t think I can do that yet.  I will admit that my biggest problem (still) is drinking.  If I get more than one in me, it is hard to stop.  And then I end up getting the munchies and eat a lot later at night than I want to be.  And not good choices either!  So yeah, if I really want to lose weight then that will just have to stop for a while.

As far as what diet, I’m really not sure.  I’m leaning toward a high-protein kind of thing with low carbs.  That seems to work quickly for me and I think I do need the jump start.  I have been playing with something called Intermittent Fasting, which for me really just means skipping meals, not all out fasting.  This might sound like a really bad idea if you have heard all of the 5-6 small meals a day stuff.  I’ve been reading things that say otherwise and I’m finding that it really is a lot easier to not eat as many meals.  I don’t really get hungry until about noon and a lot of times I can make it until 2:00.  Only having to deal with 2-3 meals has been really great.  So I’m going to keep going with that and start with something along the lines of a low carb induction, just keeping carbs really low to get that jump start.  And obviously low carb doesn’t include beer!  I did a 30-day ‘fast’ from alcohol a few months ago and I’m going to do another one soon, like tomorrow.  Yes, I’m a tomorrow starter lol  I also re-activated my Bodybugg subscription a while ago and I’m going to keep using it to help me get more movement into my day.

Honestly?  I miss exercise!  I miss the way it makes me feel.  And I really don’t like feeling heavy and sluggish.  I can’t keep buying bigger clothes either!!  So it is time to face the music and do what needs to be done.  Yes, I’d love to do IE, and I’m sure I will eventually try and go that route after the weight loss is done.  The biggest difference I need to make this time around is not to constantly be so negative and judging of myself.  So I’m going to work on being nicer to me and not so gloom-and-doom all of the time.  And I know if I’m exercising and doing what I can with the calories then it is a lot easier to have a better outlook!  Anyway, I just needed to get that out somewhere publicly.  I’ll check back in with some progress, hopefully!

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