Challenge update and good news

Well I think I did pretty well with the food challenge last week.  I ended up making some lackluster pumpkin muffins, I couldn’t convince anyone else that Cheryl’s suggestion for soup would be good.  They were just okay, and a weird  color, so kind of unappetizing.  We did eat up the pears as is, and I’m still working on the raisins, just putting them in my morning oatmeal.  I have yet to look and pick new items but I will do that soon.  It was pretty fun looking for recipes and ideas and just being productive!

Totally unrelated, I was on the treadmill today doing my 4 miles when I realized something.  I’m starting to trust myself again.  Remember when I said I wanted to cut down drinking?  I never did.  Well not until the 9th of last month.  I’m on day 21 today and I’m feeling really, really good.  The plan is to go 30 days, take a break for the weekend, and then hop back on the wagon for another 30.  Anyway I joined Weight Watchers online back in January and I was tracking and counting my food off and on up until last week.  It did help me get the start of just paying attention to what I’m eating and drastically cutting out junk.  But I’m over it.  I tried counting calories too, over that as well.  I would love to be all gung-ho about losing weight, but I just can’t sustain that for very long.  So I am back to the route of just eating what I want, not too much, and eating real food that helps me to feel good.  This is a lot easier to do without drinking!!  (The not eating too much part lol)  So yeah, right now I’m feeling really good, like I actually trust myself again to not drink too much when the time comes around.  To do what is best for my body and exercise, just because it feels good and I like to feel fit.  To make good choices about what to eat while still letting myself eat chocolate and sometimes ice cream.  It is nice, a lot better feeling than constantly trying to limit myself and making myself feel guilty for indulging in any way, and then letting everything go downhill!  I guess I just needed to ‘get clean’ to be able to see it.  I hope that didn’t make me sound like too much of a loser 😉  I’m doing great now, and that is what really matters.  While I haven’t lost much weight, yet, I’m getting stronger and building my endurance and I think I’m making changes that will last.  That does more for me than any extreme plan or way of eating.

Have a great day, it is finally getting a little warmer here!!

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