Ready for a new year

2010 hasn’t been a great year for me.  I’ve not been very happy and haven’t treated myself very well.  So I’m going to change that this year.  I don’t usually make resolutions but I am feeling hopeful about making some positive changes and I feel like I want it to be more concrete so I’m going to make some resolutions, or goals for the new year.

* Be nice to myself.  I beat myself up a lot, like an abnormal amount I’m thinking.  So I’m just going to try every day to be nice to myself and stop putting a negative spin on everything I do.

* Exercise more.  I want to get back into a regular exercise routine.  I’m going to do at least 30 minutes of something every day, whether it is a walk or weights or whatever.  I also want to just be more active, spending less time on the couch 😉

* Run a marathon.  I want to do it before I’m 35 so this is the year to do it.  I am scheduled to run a half marathon in April and depending on how that goes I’ll look for a marathon to do later in the year.

* Manage my money better.  I knew I had a lot of unneeded stuff and that was made very clear when we moved this month.  So I’m not going to buy stuff that I don’t need.  I’ve been working at it a lot but I need to kick it up a notch.

* Work on having more patience.  I find myself getting frustrated very easily and I don’t like how it makes me feel, especially if I snap at M and make her feel bad.  I’d like to be less rigid and go with the flow more, and not feel like everything has to be my way and if it doesn’t go as planned I flip out.

* Not drink as much, like cut it down to once a week or even less.

So that’s that, and here’s to a new year.  I hope it is much better than this one has been.  Thanks for listening!

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